Ghana Deposit Protection Corporation

The Ghana Deposit Protection Corporation was established by the Ghana Deposit Protection Act, 2016 (Act 931) which was enacted on the 11th of October 2016. The Act applies to Banks and Specialised Deposit –Taking Institutions licensed by the Bank of Ghana. The Act provides the framework for the establishment of the Deposit Protection Scheme, the Deposit Protection Fund, and the Deposit Protection Corporation. The.

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Core Values

We exhibit consistent moral and ethical standards, striving to do the right thing and treating relationships well.
We are highly competent and skilled and demonstrate excellence and confidentiality in our work.
We are proactive in our work, anticipating the needs of the industry and coming up with innovative solutions.
We provide an environment of open communication, collaboration and support each other in our work.
We set clear objectives knowing which results are important and focus our resources to achieve them.

To be a reliable and efficient Deposit Protection Scheme

that is responsive to the needs of the Depositor.


The Ghana Deposit Protection Corporation is a corporate entity established under the Act to manage the Scheme. The main functions of the Corporation include:

  1. To determine the levels of insurance premiums and to collect insurance premiums from members of the scheme
  2. To set coverage limits
  3. To pay off insured depositors
  4. To collaborate with International Deposit Insurance bodies
  5. To invest the moneys in the protection fund in securities approved by the Board.
  6. To borrow money to ensure attainment of the objectives of the scheme (Not borrow from members)